5 insights Agriculture must learn from Sports to gain and encourage youth participation and patronage

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Agriculture and sports are very interrelated as agriculture plays a huge role in the sports industry and in the activities that go on when many sports are played. Cast your mind back to the last time you were in a stadium or saw a game on TV. From the food and beer consumed by many in the stands during the game to the grass where the game is played, the very stadium housing the sports, and more. Ball Sports like football, volleyball, etc owe their very ball to agriculture. Agriculture has provided and is still providing food, logistics, etc for sports even in empty stadiums.

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Following up from last week’s conversation, we will be looking into lessons the Agro sector can from sports to spur youth participation and patronage. We have identified 5 areas Agriculture can borrow a leaf from Sports and imbibe below.

  1. Interest
  2. Influence
  3. Funding
  4. Education
  5. Publicity

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The most paramount lesson to learn from sports is interest. If you are not interested in something, no matter how valuable it is you will always miss out on it became your intertest lies elsewhere. Most youths are uninterested in agriculture because they don’t see how they can plug in and make value (earn money) for themselves.  This disinterest stems from their yesteryears, for example, If you grew up seeing your neighbor drive an expensive car, send their kids to the best schools and take summer vacations abroad while leaving on the earnings from their farm, I bet you will be interested in being a farmer too!


The sporting world is in no lack of the influence of the game on youths and sport influencers. most teens on the streets of Africa can name the favorites for the 2021 AFCON, the venue for the next Olympics come summer of 2021, argue about Serena William’s rivalry with Maria Sharapova or that infamous loss to Naomi Osaka in 2018, but same can’t be said of Agriculture not just in Africa but globally.

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People are greatly influenced by what they see and hear from these sporting figures, more press is afforded to sports, and their wins well amplified for all to see. To gain youths patronage, the agro sector must learn to celebrate its wins and achievements, even make influencers off their major stakeholders and industry shakers. Such trailblazers like Bolaji Akinboro, Adesina Akinwunmi as cited in last week’s post comes to mind. Proper representation and education of the public on who these people are and life-changing impacts they have made over the years should be amplified to the public thereby influencing the people narrative of agriculture.

One day we will move from sports arguments and football banter to which is the right word corn or maize? Till then let’s keep engaging and educating our youths on agricultural processes, initiators, and disruptors changing the narrative and face of agriculture across Africa.

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5 thoughts on “5 insights Agriculture must learn from Sports to gain and encourage youth participation and patronage

  1. Well, its okay to loud agricultural achievements like in sports but then sports and agriculture can’t really be viewed from the same angle.
    We can’t deny the good that agriculture will do for our country ifvproperly ventured into but while encouraging the youths to do so, i think there should also be awareness on how to do so at a loe cost.

    Most youths who value agriculture do not have the capital to invest in it. Only a few, and that leaves the business in the hands of those already managing it.

  2. A very insightful follow-up piece from the last one. Our youth must be sensitized on the huge impact of agriculture to our economy and how fun it can be to be part of it. I think a shift from crude agriculture to mechanised agriculture will do a lot in making our youth interested in agriculture in Africa.

  3. Nice piece…
    Agriculture is actually very lucrative and the agriculture game needs a huge step up.

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