Blessing takes over Ughelli with Tingg

Tingg Agent

Nigerians are a beautiful people famed for a lot of reasons, the fastest computer was invented by a Nigerian named Philip Emegwali (also known as Bill Gates of Africa), Dr. Samuel Achilefu invented high-tech infrared goggles to enable surgeons to see cancer cells during surgery, Chinua Achebe’s things fall apart is the most widely read African novel ever and the list goes on. The tenacity and dedication to go the extra mile have always been inherent in Nigerians, Blessing Eguraise is one of such Nigerians.

Blessing is an ardent fellow who has always dreamt of making a difference to the world in his own capacity, He is yet to launch the latest range of tech solutions to transform Africa but he has aided in transforming the banking services available to the unbanked in his community, ensuring that digital financial solutions and services are readily available for all.

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As a businessman who is always looking out for growth and expansion opportunities, Blessing decided to delve into Agency Banking a few years ago. In his world, he wanted to maximize inputs, create inclusion while growing his income. Blessing started out with a platform that didn’t yield as much as wanted to realize this led him to look out for other alternatives and he eventually joined Tingg in November 2019. Blessing was attracted to the fact that Tingg offered agents an all-time industry low rate for indigenous companies thereby affording its agents an opportunity to earn more on a platform that provides excellent service delivery, Blessing knew he had found the right platform and since then he has not looked back.

Blessing’s success story has been astronomical, he has been able to grow his customer base by over 100% since his switch thereby steadily growing his income. In just his fifth month as a tingg agent, Blessing has grown to gold status and ranks as one of the highest-grossing agents in the south-south region. Blessing has grown from one outlet to three, hiring subagents to manage his branch outlets while he oversees all three.

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To Blessing, Tingg is a propellant for making dreams come true, Twelve months ago he had plans of expanding his business reach and today that has been achieved. Whatever you do, never question the Nigerian hustle spirit.

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