#mytransformationstory: Mama Salami

It was like every other Wednesday, Mama Salami had gotten ready to go to her small shed close to the major market where she fries Akara and Yam to sustain her family along with the little income her husband Babs, makes from being a bus conductor.

They were five in number in the Salami family as they ate breakfast, both parents and three bright children. ” Salami, look after your younger ones, I don’t want to hear any complain when I come back tonight, have to go now” Babs said to his eldest child as he departed the table to jet out for the days hustle. The first a boy named Salami was in JSS 1, His younger siblings Taiwo and Kehinde were twins who were in Basic 2. The school year had just resumed and so the parents were a bit low on cash as they had paid for their children’s school expenses. Mama Salami had ensured the kids got up early, dressed up and were off to school early enough to avoid lashes for late coming.

Babs never let the thought of his crippling finances get to his heart, ‘’Babs the blues’’ as he is famed is a football fanatic, popular in the neighborhood for living his life, one day at a time.

Danfo Conductor

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Mama Salami was thinking of the family’s financial quagmire when a call from an unknown number snapped her out of her thoughts. As she picked the phone, she could hear a lot of noise in the background as it sounded like there was an uproar at the caller’s end. ‘Hello, are you mama Salami? The caller asked.’ She replied in the affirmative. No sooner had she finished giving a reply than the caller saying in short crude words, in the pidgin English parlance, ‘madam your husband don die just now o.’

The news hit her like a hot knife smearing through a plate of butter, as she tried to make sense of what she just heard, self-denial almost had her but somehow the information felt true, no she won’t believe this. She became numb in an instant.

Her husband she would later discover had lost his life in that unmemorable moment when his bus had a terrible accident clashing into a fuel tanker.

Days passed into weeks, weeks became months, it been ten long months since Babs death and Mama Salami, overwhelmed by financial duties at home seemed to have given up, she had taken too many loans and business as a food vendor was not going so well, owing to a temporary closure of the market where her small shed was located due to a pandemic.

Cutting a forlorn look while sitting at the entrance of their one-room apartment, getting her fair share of the evening breeze and thinking of what to do next, Kehinde, who had been playing games on the mother’s phone all day tapped her to hand over her ringing phone.

‘’ mommy, your phone’’ he said, Mama salami picked up without looking at who was calling and it turned out to be an old friend who had not visited since she lost her husband, informing her she’s in the area and will be coming over soon as she was visiting family members around her axis.

Even Kehinde was happy a guest was coming over, at least the guest may give them the customary ‘’money for biscuits’’ when leaving, he stood closeby eavesdropping, waiting for his mother to give the phone back to him, he finally resorted ‘’make I go charge am na’’


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When her friend Jalade came, she told Mama Salami of a new business that she had found profitable and had helped ease her financial burdens for a while now. She explained to Mrs. Salami that she was a mobile money agent with a POS with which she helps people make financial transactions and get paid for it.

Mama Salami was very excited about the opportunity but was low on capital to delve into the business. Jalade who has listened in on her predicaments when the discussion began, offered to help her with some cash to add to the money she had at hand as she was touched by Mama Salami’s condition.

Thus, a new chapter began and before Mama Salami knew it, in just a few months, she was able to pay off Jalade along with her other debtors while she still had more than enough to cater to her needs. She couldn’t stop being grateful to her longtime friend who had, just like an angel, come to bail her from the distress she was facing.

Life has gotten better for her since she registered as a Tingg agent. Mama Salami who only had basic education and had always thought she needed to speak big grammar and read big books became the bank in her community.

Her neighbors from even the fifth street will rather come to make cash transfers and withdrawals, Pay their Cable TV and Utility bills, from her than go to the banks where they will have to pay transportation fares, stay in long queues and sign numerous paperwork to get their own money, why not just patronize madam salami and get your money in a jiffy they said to each other.

Mama Salami’s life changed for good after just a few months working as a Tingg Mobile Money Agent. Mama Salami expanded her kiosk to a shop where she doubles as a retailer in her locality she has been able to grow her income and make life better for her family despite the untimely demise of her husband.

Chronicles of Ali - Episode 8 |

Cellulant is creating impact and changing lives all over Nigeria, Mama Salami is one of the numerous Tingg Agents testimonies all over Africa where you can see the impact of agency banking in the lives of our people.

You can take a step into financial freedom today by registering.

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  1. This is good and exciting. But seeing as Tingg isnt quite popular to the Nigerian people, how do you guys plan to fast track entering the main market

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