Busari’s selfless service reaps great rewards despite COVID-19 induced danger

Dedication, selflessness, diligence, and a sense of humility are values every businessman should exhibit. For a person that comes in contact with hundreds of customers daily, your customers must identify you with certain traits. Despite being attacked by hoodlums, Busari is a man of purpose and is yet to sit back and cower from his responsibilities of being the agent for financial inclusion in his community.

Busari is no novice in the agency banking business, joining the bandwagon of mobile money operators when it began operations in Nigeria far back as 2013. He is one of the pioneering agency bankers in Nigeria, riding the new wave of banking as it came to fruition. Busari has seen it all, from customer frustrations to network issues for impacted transfers, authenticating and confirming transactions in the middle of the night to waking up very early to respond to customers, yet Busari always appears wearing his customary smile.

Busari was browsing on his phone last November while enjoying the evening breeze at home when he stumbled on a Facebook ad while chatting and keeping up with distant family members and friends. He has been thinking of how to maximize profits for the incoming yuletide season when he saw Tingg’s ‘’Xmas comes early’’ campaign, he had heard of tingg amongst his fellow agents discuss and was eager to know more, now, here is a campaign from tingg on making his Xmas better? Busari filled up his details was set for a new lease of life as he wondered what the campaign was all about.

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‘’The first day I started using tingg, the customer care people called me. They said I have exhausted my limit for the day and will have to upgrade my KYC to continue doing business’’ Busari noted. ‘’so I updated my KYC to the highest level and business continued as usual, the NGN6 offer came at the right time so it helped us agents make more money in the Xmas season. I am even happy tingg didn’t go back to former charge and maintained the NGN6 even after the Xmas campaign so it has helped me a lot.’’ He added. Busari has seen his income increase month after month since he switched to tingg and he also attests there is no better platform than tingg in terms of customer service. In his own words, ‘’the customer service is good, you call them and they will escalate and resolve your issues immediately, I like that, that’s something I didn’t enjoy before but tingg customer care, I like how they work fast. It is good for business’’

Sitting his shop and managing business activities, Busari has risen to become one of the highest-grossing tingg agents. His shop doubles as a  business center where he provides photocopying, printing, laminating, and binding services.

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During the coronavirus induced lockdown, Busari maintained business relationships with his clients by following government laid down directives, observing social distancing, wearing his face mask and providing hand sanitizer in his shop for customers. ‘’I get to shop sometimes around 7.30 am, sometimes 8 am and I close around 9 pm. People will still be coming to do business and sometimes I do business on the phone, they call me and I pay their utility bills and they transfer the money to me.  So business was still going on for me, you know banks didnt open that period, so I am the bank here, with this my phone and POS.’’ he narrated amidst laughter.

Sadly, On one of such days, Busari was apprehended by hoodlums and robbed on his way home during. The hoodlums carted away with his phone and cash at hand. He was not armed during the experience but all the cash on hm was carted away. Busari reached out to the customer care unit and immediately his account was temporarily blocked from doing any business. The attack on Busari made him stay home and away from the business for two days as he sourced alternatives to get a new phone despite the lockdown order, on the third day, Busari was back in business, all smiles again like nothing happened a few days earlier.

His customers could not but notice his absence and kept asking what and how happened, everyone sympathized with him as he carried out his activities with smiles and much gusto. Busari’s excellent customer service delivery depicts tingg’s dedication to customer satisfaction, a trait well displayed by our customer service staff.

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Relentless customer service efforts, always out to serve all agents, customers, and stakeholders better without regarding the circumstances around them. Busari’s excellent customer satisfaction module has made him the cynosure of all eyes in his neighborhood, everyone wants to transact with the smiley, burly man who takes his business very seriously.


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