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PICTURES: Cellulant hosts Tingg Agents to Lagos Town Hall Meeting

Africa’s premier Fintech company, Cellulant, held its inaugural Tingg Agents town hall meeting in Lagos, Nigeria. The event had over sixty registered Agents in attendance, Agents were happy to be received, educated and refreshed as they were briefed and taught new concepts and techniques in the industry. The Agents were adequately briefed on all Tingg services with… Read More »

Border Closure: So far, so well

Commercial activities on the major states in Nigeria are popular for adjusting to Govt policies and its implications (e.g. VAT, price changes (most times increase), border closure, etc.) faster than the rural areas despite the wide publicized unrest and disgust over such policies. Residents in Lagos, Abuja, and PH (ie. of these supposed high brow regions)… Read More »

Chronicles of Ali – Episode Eight

Two weeks have passed now since Ali started work as a Tingg agent and he is totally in love with his new enterprise. He likes that he doesn’t have to wake very early in the day to go fetch water and push his truck through the streets of Agege hoping so sell off as much… Read More »

Valentine’s Day: A tale of Love and other Shenanigans

‘’Three hours and this guy is not there; does he want to ruin my business? Why are these dispatch riders like this, how can you tell me you’ll be there for 11 am and I am yet to receive or hear from you by 5:15 pm! This man better has an explanation for all this… Read More »

AGRIKORE: Utilizing technology and agriculture to curb unemployment in Nigeria

In a Nation where agriculture accounts for 27% of the national GDP and a robust 30% employer of labor; why is food security and youth unemployment such an issue? The United Nations Development Programme indicated that food insecurity is linked to income and unemployment. However, when incomes are low and food prices are high, employment… Read More »

Chronicles of Ali – Episode Seven

‘You didn’t tell me your son is back Alhaji, I saw him this morning collecting wood from Abu’s Saw Mill’ Alhaji Yusuf started off the conversation. Himself and Ali’s father had been really close friends from a very young age and had stayed so all through the years. They would normally visit each other whenever… Read More »

PICTURES: Cellulant launches ”Connect 2 work” initiative

Africa’s leading tech company, Cellulant Group, has launched its youths ”connect 2 work” initiative in Kano state, Nigeria. The initiative seeks to empower 120,000 youths across the country with relevant life skills, training, and tools to eradicate unemployment and champion national builders. Cellulant is ready to connect these youths to a world of opportunities in Agriculture and… Read More »

Chronicles of Ali – Episode Six

The day was gradually letting off its youthful glow and the air was getting really chilly. That was one major difference between his home state Kano and Lagos, it was always reasonably cool during the evenings. He was already starting to feel that homeliness, that peace and rest and sense of security you get when… Read More »

Pro Tips: 7 Easy ways to maintain a healthy saving habit

Setting money aside as savings is a habit that needs to be developed. If you want to see your savings grow, you need to do what you can to encourage a savings habit. Setting money aside needs to become a way of life, instead of some sort of burden. Most people want to save more money,… Read More »

Chronicles Of Ali – Episode Five

  Ali’s Journey back home has been a very eventful one. He had not envisioned it to be like this. Ali thought he was leaving the rigorous lifestyle in Lagos for a better and modest lifestyle with his family at Kaduna. What promised to be a journey of new beginnings for him turns out to be… Read More »