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Taking Over Adamawa With a New Kind Of Bankers – Tingg Neighbourhood Bankers

There are stories that are told with words, and there are stories that are better expressed with a map, just like the story of the Neighbourhood bankers in their red uniform, and  red boxes, taking over the financial landscape for the underbanked and the unbanked people of Nigeria.  This is the “mapified” story of how… Read More »

5 High Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a University Degree

Go-to school, study hard, bag a degree and get a job! That’s probably the most used line parents drilled into their kids in their elementary years as the best and only route to success. It’s very basic and direct, if you don’t go to school and get good grades, you’ll never be successful. You can… Read More »

Easy steps on how to make financial progress in 2020

Soon your timelines will be filled with the regular yearly recycled contents you must have come to get used to overtime. In a couple of days your friends, colleagues, neighbors will start updating their WhatsApp stories and other social media handles with their new year resolutions, cutting people off ideologies, “be a better me in… Read More »

Chronicles of Ali – Episode Two

‘’What is the truth in being your brother’s keeper? Why can’t your neighbor look out for you? What is wrong with these Lagosians???? Ina jaka na ya je?’’ Ali’s frustrations grew with each passing second, he was angry, surprised and bewildered all at the same time  It must have been that ticketer he thought to… Read More »

Three easy ways to save your finances this Christmas

Hurray!!!!! It’s that time of the year again. it’s the season to be merry, the season to be happy, the season to share & receive gifts and pleasantries (from home and abroad), simply put, it’s the season to spend plenty money! Christmas is not just a season to celebrate the birth of Christ, it means… Read More »

Border Closure: How much rice can you really eat this Christmas

It’s no news that the Federal Government has announced closure on all land borders across the Nation. The border closure was in a bid to strengthen the agricultural sector and urge Nigerians to buy local Farm produce and reduce the dependency on foreign products. Nigerians import foreign Agric products in millions of tons daily through its… Read More »

Chronicles of Ali – Episode One

The time was 06:42 am and Ali was at the bus park already. A dark-skinned, slender young man stood in the distance screaming his lungs out ”Abuja, KayDee, Kano muje! Ba lokoci ba shege!” After maneuvering through the crowd, Ali located where he can buy his ticket and stood in the queue. Few minutes later, it was his… Read More »

Cellulant’s Tingg set to change the way Africans pay

Cellulant, Africa’s leading financial technology company has today announced the re-launch of its payment, agent &mobile banking app Tingg to an all-in-one, multi-functional consumer super app. The new Tingg is set to include a wide array of payment, commerce, and financial services in a single platform that will change the way customers interact with digital… Read More »

Expanding Boarders with Agrikore

As part of Cellulant’s effort to create the largest integrated agricultural platform in Africa, we sent our top Agric partners from Nigeria to Kenya in a bid to replicate the successes recorded in the West African Agric marketplace in Eastern Africa. The seven days trip will see Cellulant’s top Nigeria marketplace partners interact and engage… Read More »

Cellulants Agrikore Blockchain: An example of how Private Capital Investments in Fintech creates economic opportunity.

Cellulant, Africa’s digital payments service provider have proven that Financial Technology is for everyone. The company through its Agrikore & Tingg blockchain based platform – A smart contracting, digital financial services/payments & customer relationship management system is transforming the way digital & financial services are provided to the African smallholder farmer & retailers in open… Read More »


Cellulant, a leading digital payments provider that reaches 40 million people across 11 African countries, has been named among the Top 50 emerging Fintech companies in the world in this year’s KPMG FinTech100 report. The 2018 KPMG Fintech100 report highlights truly innovative companies creating products and services at the nexus of technology and financial services. Cellulant… Read More »