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Taking Over Adamawa With a New Kind Of Bankers – Tingg Neighbourhood Bankers

There are stories that are told with words, and there are stories that are better expressed with a map, just like the story of the Neighbourhood bankers in their red uniform, and  red boxes, taking over the financial landscape for the underbanked and the unbanked people of Nigeria.  This is the “mapified” story of how… Read More »

COVID19: Top 5 easy to do stay at home jobs for you

Its no news that coronavirus (covid19) is no longer a scare, the virus which has claimed thousands of lives and maimed more across the globe is affecting the way individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments operate daily, forcing strict health measures to be implemented and restricting public movements and gatherings including schools, markets, etc. Lagos state… Read More »

FG urged to embrace Agrotech as Cellulant regulates online Agric Market place solution

Agriculture is a major provider of employment opportunities for rural people in underdeveloped and developing countries. It is an important source of livelihood for all players involved in the process from farm to plate. Unlike years ago, where agric practices were majorly carried out on the farm with basic farming tools like cutlass, hoes, rakes,… Read More »

Rice Farming in Nigeria and how it can eradicate Crude Oil Dependency

Rice needs no introduction to any Nigerian. It is the most consumed grain and can be referred to as the most important food in the country. You’re certain to find raw rice or its numerous cooked forms at almost every corner of any street in Nigeria. Despite being known as a country with diverse local… Read More »

Nigeria’s best bet for the Agricultural Sector

”Unemployment, notably youth unemployment features strongly in our party’s manifesto. we intend to attack the problem frontally through the revival of agriculture, solid minerals, mining…” This is an excerpt from the inaugural speech of President Buhari after winning the 2015 election. He had stated that his government will address the country’s unemployment problem through the… Read More »

Chronicles of Ali – Episode Ten

‘let me understand you Ali, this your tingg App just sends the money to the authorities when I pay you, Abin da kuke Fadi ke Nan?’ the Mai Angwa questioned for the umpteenth time. It was becoming frustrating for Ali, again and again, he tried to explain to him but he just wouldn’t budge, he… Read More »

Cellulant takes center stage at Eko City Farmers’ Market

Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, inaugurated the maiden edition of the Eko City Farmers Market at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos Island.  The governor, represented by his deputy, Dr. Obafemi Hamzat said the goal was to grow the state’s GDP and ensure food security for all Lagosians. “Agriculture remains one of the main sectors through… Read More »

Chronicles of Ali – Episode Nine

Its been three months since Ali became a Tingg Agent, He has gotten better and understood the rudiments of the platform, mastering how to provide quality service to his customers through the Tingg app. Ali’s rate of transactions has grown astronomically.   His kiosk has been branded with Tingg paraphernalia including roll-ups, flyers, danglers, etc and… Read More »

PICTURES: Cellulant hosts Tingg Agents to Lagos Town Hall Meeting

Africa’s premier Fintech company, Cellulant, held its inaugural Tingg Agents town hall meeting in Lagos, Nigeria. The event had over sixty registered Agents in attendance, Agents were happy to be received, educated and refreshed as they were briefed and taught new concepts and techniques in the industry. The Agents were adequately briefed on all Tingg services with… Read More »

Border Closure: So far, so well

Commercial activities on the major states in Nigeria are popular for adjusting to Govt policies and its implications (e.g. VAT, price changes (most times increase), border closure, etc.) faster than the rural areas despite the wide publicized unrest and disgust over such policies. Residents in Lagos, Abuja, and PH (ie. of these supposed high brow regions)… Read More »