Chronicles of Ali – Episode Eight Chronicles of ali

Two weeks have passed now since Ali started work as a Tingg agent and he is totally in love with his new enterprise. He likes that he doesn’t have to wake very early in the day to go fetch water and push his truck through the streets of Agege hoping so sell off as much as possible before the sun sets, in the last 9 days his life has changed remarkably. Ali conveniently built a reasonable customer base in his community and enjoyed patronage from his villagers.

Hajiya Fatima, on the other hand, is considering adding more agents to her ranks in the environs. Ali’s sudden success in the Tingg venture had spurred her to integrate more agents.

Tingg Agents

It was a rather quiet Saturday afternoon, everyone had left for their various businesses and Ali was all alone in his shop. He had made a couple of transactions that morning and a few others just moments ago. The sales of airtime using the tingg app was becoming a trend across the community and it was gradually building a rush. He sat down and began recollecting everything that had transpired within the last few days and how his life had taken a new turn. Being exposed to the realities of the Tingg app has prompted him to research and make new discoveries on the electronic mode of making payments. ‘The world is really changing’ he thought to himself as he surfs the internet, amazed at how technology is making life easy. He was very satisfied with what he was doing but the hunger for adventure and his curiosity made him very sure he would expand and build a Tingg team of his own like Hjiya Fatima. He would get people trained on how to use tingg and get branded kiosks all across his community and neighboring communities, he would get his dividends for adding people to the tingg platform.

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‘zan fadada’ he said to himself

‘there is always room for expansion kwo.’ He smiles to himself. His thoughts wandering back to the day before. His family and Zainab’s were at the house. Her family had come to pay them a visit after the Friday worship at the mosque. It was an amazing time for both families. They ate together, prayed together and he bought drinks for everyone. ‘zaka iya tunani!!’ Ali was so proud of himself, Zainab was very impressed too. The previous times both families met, his father Alhajii always did the entertaining but this time himself Ali did it. ‘na aikata shi”, May Allah be praised always and may he continue to bless Hajiya Fatima for introducing me to tingg da gaske. I for go dey control that Mallam cow now but kalli abubuwa yanzu’ I am so happy. Everyone laughed and discussed their plans for Ali and his betrothed.

‘ya Kama a shirye’ Zainab’s father mentioned during the meeting

‘ya shirya’ I am very sure you know he is the owner of the shop outside’ His father had proudly contributed.

‘Zainab has nothing to be afraid of da gaske, Dana Yana da wani abin yi yanzu, Ali can take good care of her I know’ Hajiya Hauwa added. Ali and Zainab were mostly quiet as the discussions ensued but kept exchanging glances. Zainab wore the hijab he bought for her before he left for Lagos and immediately he knew he would get her more. His money wasn’t so much yet but ya isa. There is always room for improvement. Chronicles of ali

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‘barka da rana’ Amina’s voice sounded in his ears

‘Amina me kuke yi anan? are you not suppose to be in Makarata?’ he questioned surprised to see her at home at this time

‘Gudun aiki, Hajiya Suliat is calling you’

‘me yasa, Wetin happen Amina?’

‘nothing, somebody wants to buy card, a kasuwa’ Hajiya Suliat now said I should come and call you’

‘Kai Amina, you ran here all the way from Makarata because somebody wants to buy card, it is far na.’ Ali replied

‘Hajiya Suliat say she must wait for you kwo, yi sauri ka zo’ she said running back to her Arabic lessons. Ali couldn’t help but laugh, Hajiya Suliat was such a sweet person. Makarata was three streets away and the market another one street after that. Leaving now to such a distance would mean he would have to shut his shop or maybe not, he could pass through Zainab’s house and beg her to go wait for him at his shop.

‘bar ni in tafi’

‘maybe I will see other customers there too’ he said dashing out to Zainab’s place

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‘kawai tafi yanzu,’ He begged Zainab

‘I will be back before you know it da gaske’

‘ye kamata in je in yi menene, What if somebody wants to buy something or pay for something, to menene? I will now tell them to be waiting for you, ba ya da hankali, it’s as good as you closing the shop’ She complains

‘Zainab, menene? Are you going to keep me here with your while my customers wait for me, haba Zainab, okay when I come back I will teach you’ He said running off before she could reply

‘da gaske? Come back and teach me’ She shouts after him and leaves for his shop

While running to the market Ali thought about what he told Zainab and how enthusiastic her response was and laughed a bit. Of course, he just told her that so he could run along. Zainab didn’t know how to operate a smartphone properly, she could never be able to navigate the tingg app. She did not even have a phone! ‘abubuwan banmamaki ba za su Kare ba’

(she uses a single dialog phone)

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‘yana kusan lokali! What took you so long Ali?’ Hajiya Suliat yells at him as Ali hurriedly enters her stall.

‘Sorry Hajiya, I had to look for someone to stay in my kiosk’ he apologizes

‘Wanene a yanzu?’

‘Zainab, Hajiya where is the person that wants to buy card?” Ali looked around, trying not to ask the gentleman sitting at the entrance, ”How much dem wan buy?’ he added.

‘Na 100 naira I dey buy kwo’ The buyer replies much to the dissatisfaction of Ali, he had to do all that running for ₦100 worth of airtime? he finalized the transaction and ran back to his shop.

‘Ali welcome, sit down and drink water, do you want me to do anything for you? Are you hungry?’ Zainab kept questioning

‘Thank you Zainab, I am okay, is there a problem? Kana lafiya? The way you are acting is strange kwo’

‘Everything is okay Ali, I just want you to be comfortable so you can teach me your business’ she replied grinning widely.

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