Chronicles of Ali – Episode Four

Ali paused for a while, so far the Hajiya has been the only person who has shown him any form of real kindness. He is yet to get over the gracious gesture she rendered and now she was talking about something else.

” Abim da zai iya Zama kenan Hajiya”

“Should I be worried?” He asked

Not knowing what to think anymore, Ali hoped for the best, clearly, she has no intentions of harming him. His day was just starting to get some good and he seriously hopes that what she has to say won’t ruin it more.

“Not at all mallam, you shouldn’t be worried at all’’ Hajiya responded.

‘’However, you should finish your food first, when you are done, we will discuss.” She added while adjusting to give room to her friend who just entered back into the bus. She too had a plate of rice in her hand and everyone else entering the bus had either a soft drink or a takeaway park of whatever it is they wanted. Ali couldn’t help but keep imagining what he would have done if the Hajiya had not come to his rescue, he would literally salivated all through the remaining part of the journey.

” Sometimes Allah sends help in our most helpless situations,” he muttered to himself.

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” Ah…ah…na where this driver con dey na?” Chukwuma yelled jogging Ali out of his thoughts and back to reality. The driver was taken longer than he was supposed to, and it was totally pissing off the ever hot-tempered Chukwuma.

It is amazing how you could know so much about a person by the way he interacts with his or her surroundings and the people around him or her. In eight hours, Ali could tell a great extent the temperaments of the passengers he was traveling with.

Alhaji Shehu is a rich, religious yet proud talkative person, one who enjoyed blowing his trumpet so loud so no one could ever miss it. Chukwuma is an impatient, hot-tempered and annoying person, who always took delight in adding salt to someone else’s injury. Hajiya, on the other hand, had a sweet, kind and calm personality, one could describe her as an angel in disguise.

“Haba conductor, shey na here we go sleep ni? Nibo no awakò rè?” The pudgy Yoruba woman at the last seat asked almost aggressively to the conductor.

“Na which kind motor I con enter today God?” Another frustrated passenger complained.

Ali had had enough and was too tired to comment on this rising wahala, all he wanted to do was get home.

The conductor was now out in search of the driver and everyone followed suit, even Hajiya stepped out of the bus to go sit in a canteen nearby. Ali could not understand why a driver could abandon his passengers in the bus and go to God knows where. He was at least thankful that he was not the cause of the delay this time.

“Wanna ba kafiri bane.” He thought to himself

“What would we not see in this country?”

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After a few wasted minutes, the driver was seen running towards the bus and everyone else was coming in too. Everyone had their own choice of abusive words to rain on the driver and all hell broke loose the moment he entered the bus. While some persons found it convenient to insult him in understandable English, some others preferred their local dialect. The driver too seemed to be prepared and did not fail to gush out at them too.

“odabi gbogbo yin ogbadun,” the driver retorted

“I should not go to Iya ajinde to eat good food because I have passengers in my bus abi” he fired back to the angry mob he refers to as passengers. The passengers rained more words at him with Chukwuma being quiet this time, Ali wondered why that was so.

As if transferring the anger to the bus, he turned on his engine and zoomed away angrily.

After some time, the chaos finally died down and Ali thought he should know what the Hajiya had for him, so he turned to ask.

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“Hajiya thank you so much again for the food, it was really helpful da haske but Hajiya you said you wanted to talk to me, what is it about?”



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