Chronicles of Ali – Episode Ten Chronicles of ali

‘let me understand you Ali, this your tingg App just sends the money to the authorities when I pay you, Abin da kuke Fadi ke Nan?’ the Mai Angwa questioned for the umpteenth time. It was becoming frustrating for Ali, again and again, he tried to explain to him but he just wouldn’t budge, he was all too skeptical and it was in a very annoying way. 

‘Mai Angwa, It is called E- payment, Alhaji Shi ne abin da yake canzawa yanzu, the world is moving and our country is moving along bai kamata jama’ armu su bari a baya ba. We always hear of the cashless policy ina gaya muku very soon nobody will be carrying money around da gaske, we will all have to go cashless. Alhaji you have known me all my life, I have always been a good boy, I do not cause trouble. I know this is something that will really help us in this community, me nake ma fada, you can see it is already helping! You shouldn’t worry, bai kamata ba’ He says trying to convince the Mai Angwa.  He would have continued but he felt he had said enough so he wouldn’t sound too desperate. The last impression he would want to make to the Mai Angwa is that of desperation. He needed to be seen as a confident entrepreneur who is rendering valuable services with his POS.

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You see Ali, my problem with this your business is that it looks too easy and anything that appears so easy is not usually the correct thing’ Alhaji Bada the Mai Agwan said. ‘this online payment and money thing has caused fraud and plenty of police issues, I don’t want to have any of that in this community’’ he continued, stressing his point as the other elders in sitting nodded in agreement.

‘Barka da yamma Baba!’ Salami the Alhaji Bada’s son entered interrupting him but he didn’t mind

‘Welcome Salami, I am happy you are here, come…. sit with us’ Alaji said, pointing to an empty seat beside him. Salami sat down looking expectantly at his father, he knew he was going to let him in on what they were discussing, and he really wanted to know why the elders had gathered on a Thursday morning.

‘Ali ma so in gabatar da kai, this is Salami my son, as you may have heard, he just finished from the University, I like you to repeat what you said to me again so that he can know Yana da hankali sosai, if anyone should know about this your Tingg App it should be him’ The Mai Angwa said to Ali, trying to hype his son due to his literacy and then settles more into his chair as if to say my son will take it from here. Ali just felt so irritated but what is he to do ‘wannan ga Hajiya Fatima’ he thought to himself and started off from the top all over again and by the time he was done all he wanted to do was go home.

‘wannan gaski yane Ali, I know the Tingg App very well, I even have it installed on my phone, look…’ Salami says opening his phone to the Tingg App, he shows it to Ali and then to his father

‘Baba the Tingg App is a really convenient way of making payments, trust me ba ku da matsala, I use it all the time for all my payments. When you send me money in school, I transfer it all to my Tingg wallet because I can do all my transactions and even save using the esusu option. It’s a all in one payments solution app baba, I don’t see any reason why Ali should not be allowed to carry out services to our people with the App, he is only making life easier for them’

‘karshen ta!’ Ali muttered to himself, he has never felt so much relief all his life

‘Are you sure halal ne?’ the Mai Angwa asks his son

‘Yes Alhaji, it is totally legitimate, infact you should be proud Ali brought this to the community da gaske’

‘Thank you Salami’ Ali said to him

‘Tor Ali! You can come to the Zauren gari next week so you can talk to the dattawa too’ He said concluding the two-hour long discussion. Ali was all joy and very thankful to Salami for showing up right in time to save him.

‘Thank you very much Salami, I don’t know what to say or how to thank you enough’’ Ali said to him

‘There is no reason to thank me Ali, I am so proud of you, last I heard you were in Lagos. Good to see you brought some of the innovation there back home, well done Ali’’ Salami responded catching Ali unawares with his comments. 

Their conversation seemed to have a sudden impact on the elders as they finally came to the agreement to allow Ali to continue running his services to the community. 

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Ali headed to his kiosks immediately after the meeting with Mai Agwan, taking turns to visit his sub-agents at their points before going home later in the day. On his way home, Ali thought of stopping by at Zainab’s place, they hadn’t seen each other in a while and he knew she would be very angry with him.

‘sun taba fahimta’

‘Women will never understand’

He walks hastily to her house, the day was far spent and it had been very hectic, he just wanted to see Zainab so he could go home to a really nice sleep.

‘Nayi tunanin baza kutaba zuwa ba’ Zainab begins as they both walk to Ali’s place together

‘kar kayi Magana Kamar haka, It has been work Zainab, I barely have time to eat’ Ali responded

‘You know Hajiya does not like me to keep coming to your shop ya kamata ka ziyarta’ Zainab said

‘i am sorry, Amma Kai matata ce, They should leave you alone’ he teases her and continues

‘Zainab kalle ni, all I am doing kwo is for you and me, so I can take care of you when we get married, I do not want you to be hungry and I want you to be very fine, I will buy you those fine clothes big girls in the city wear especially Lagos big girls ya kamata ka gansu’ Ali teased

Zainab blushes but tries to hide it

‘Ali ba zan it’s ba! they do not cover their bodies, I cannot dress like them da gaske’

‘Haba Zainab! Not everyone exposes their bodies, I am just saying I will be buying you fine clothes shi ke nan!’

‘ Na sani, but Ali yaushe za ku zo ku aikata ayyukan idodin, You said you now have money, so ya kamata ka zo’, She says to him now standing a small distance from Ali’s house

‘Zainab very soon na yi alkawari, My family will come and very very soon you will be my Hajiya’ He replies pulling her in for an embrace but she pulls back

‘Tsayi Ali! You are getting very immoral’ she scolded

Ali bursts out laughing, indeed if it were a few months back he wouldn’t be so relaxed pulling her in for an embrace, I mean the last time he did it at his father’s compound it took him great guts but today he didn’t see what was so wrong in hugging his betrothed. In the last few months, he has read a lot and he feels it is not a big deal to hug his “Fiancee”.

‘Zainab I should be going now, Ina da dogon kwana, i am very tired’

‘barci sosai miji,’ she teases him and walks away

Ali smiles a little. The moment he gets home, he was going to tell his family to go see Zainab’s parents. He needed to get the marriage rites started and over with at the same time.

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Ali got to his father’s compound, he looked up at his big kiosk and felt instantly overwhelmed, he just couldn’t believe life had turned out for him so well. Just four months back, he was fetching water for people in Lagos struggling so hard to even get food to eat but now, he just sits in the comfort of his own shop making transactions with his Tingg App and makes money. He couldn’t have been more grateful. He has Zainab in his life who he loves so much, a lady who makes him want to work harder to earn a better life for all. His father is ever so proud of him and Hajiya Hauwa always has the broadest smiles on her face these days. His expansion project had wrapped up this week and it was looking promising. All in the space of three months.

‘Allah has been very good’ he mutters to himself as he walks into the warmth of his father’s house for a good night rest.

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‘So it is that simple zaku it’s yani?’ Hajiya Fatima spoke to the audience with so much confidence at the Tingg Agents Townhall meeting. ‘If you have a smartphone, Go to the google play store, download the Tingg App, sign up and log in to your e-wallet. After signing up you will then be able to do all your payment transactions from your phone. But then there are restrictions if you are not an agent, only agents are able to make certain transactions. So you see haka yake the Tingg payment platform is easy, reliable and fast. No other payment platform gives you so much ease and rest of mind honestly, You should thank Ali for this because you no longer need to transport to town or the city to make payments duk abin da kuke bukata shine waya! You just sit at the comfort of your house and pay for everything. Tingg is expanding and we want you to expand with it. Nagode!’ She concludes and steps down from the podium amidst resounding claps and screams. She had totally captured the heart of everyone present and they were more than ready to embrace the Tingg mode of making payments.

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Ali stepped up to the podium to receive his ‘Agent of the Month’ award from Tingg Product Manager, after receiving his award, Ali addressed the audience  ‘Mutanena You see, Hajiya Fatima here has said it all and she even asked you to thank me, it is funny because gaskiyane is the person we all should be thanking. Hajiya Fatima changed my life and today she is changing all of our lives, you too are going to change the lives of a lot of other persons because when you are involved with Tingg ya ku sammai! you just cannot keep your mouth shut, you spread the experience. And so I thank you, Nagode! I thank you for coming here today to learn and grow because like I always say koyaushe akwai ɗaki don faɗaɗawa

‘There is always room for expansion!’

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