Mercy’s mentality wins in her pursuit to take charge of Owerri

A Popular adage in Nigeria goes thus, no food for lazy man. Unfortunately, Hunger knows no gender neither does laziness. Mercy learned this early in life and it has helped shaped her ideology of work and life. Mercy is an assiduous and dedicated woman who believes in actively putting in the work to get results. she believes no one should be lazy, irrespective of gender, belief, or tribe. Her belief has seen her grow her numbers in just two months.


Mercy joined the agency network in March, a few weeks before the corona virus-induced national lockdown. ‘’Lockdown did not affect us, we were classified as essential workers and allowed to do business without hassles.’’  Mercy’s journey into agency banking has been a smooth transition, she merged her sense of intuition with customer relations to draw customers to herself and keep them coming back.

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Mercy’s tenacity is unmatched, she has only been on the network for three months performing POS and Transfer transactions, yet she is planning for the foreseeable future, ‘’ Business has been good so far, if things continue like this, I will expand and open new outlets in another 2-3 months.’’

Mercy strategically picked a location that connects southeast Nigeria to the south-south. Mercy has been able to grow her transaction volumes astronomically every month.  Asked how she got into the agency banking, Mercy highlighted mire dedication and doggedness as she explained how her distaste for idleness made her contact an old friend who had been in the agency banking network.  ‘’An idle mind is the devil’s workshop’’ she began, I spoke to my friend who is also a tingg agent at Nekede. He has been in the business for a while and is doing well for himself, he told me it is a nice business and something I can venture into. I am never one to be idle, so I joined in.’’

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Sheer determination and the zeal to put in the work have seen Mercy gradually take over Owerri and she is just getting started.

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