Olumide shares how he beat the Pandemic recession and grew his business in Two months.

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For every time and season, there are always different strokes for different folks. While some raged on the government’s decision to lock down the nation for months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Olumide hoped it was extended as it saw business boom for him.

Olumide Owolabi is a seasoned agency banker. He had joined the business since 2012 as one of the pioneers of agency banking in Nigeria. He claims in all his years, he had not made sales as he did during the lockdown as people in his vicinity patronized his shops in troops. He even had to open two more kiosks to accommodate more patronage. To him ‘‘the lockdown opened people’s eyes to agency banking because the banks are  not open and many ATMs were not dispensing cash again, so they had to patronize us and they have noticed now that it is easier to transact with agents’’

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Olumide became a Tingg agent in January and has been able to grow his number remarkably in no time. He already had 5 sub-agents under him, and he quickly changed all their terminals to Tingg. In total, Olumide now manages 6 shops and 2 kiosks, he also grew his sub-agents base to seven with a view of adding more before the turn of the year.

For Olumide, innovation is key. You must look around you to see what is lacking and how you can provide such services. He also advised other businesspersons, ‘’ It is not always rosy from the beginning but you have to press on. As an entrepreneur be consistent and dogged, you will make it, just give yourself time. Little drops of water make an ocean. I have kolo at home, I drop something in it every day, at the end of the year something will be there. That is aside my bank account, we just need to prioritize, ill-gotten wealth won’t last forever. Do what is legitimate and be yourself. Render service to people and you will get paid for it. ‘’

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Olumide has been able to and is still expanding his base by banking on customer preferences and excellent relationships, in his parting shots, he revealed his recipe for success ‘Don’t lie to yourself, your customers are the kings. They are the reason we have a job; I don’t joke with them. Treat your customer like he is the only one you have, people see what you are doing even if they don’t patronize you yet, they will refer. If u do not have character you will lose it, be good to all of them.’’

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