Omolade reveals tips that aided her journey to financial prosperity

Agent Omolade

For some the journey to financial prosperity was a short trip down the alley, to others it’s quite a journey. Omolade has had to learn to imbibe several interpersonal and customer relationship skills to upscale in her business and attain her current level.  

Omolade Ojobo boasts a Diploma in Business Admin from the prestigious Ibadan Polytechnic yet the energetic lady has found job security in Agency Banking. She started her journey three years ago when she decided to stop applying for jobs and be her own boss. Omolade made the most of the opportunities available to her by signing up as a tingg agent. Prior to joining tingg, she has gained experience in the field as a mobile money operator in Lagos.

Since Omolade took up the role of banker in her community in the remote areas of Lagos, she is yet to back down, she has opened another shop in a location relatively close to her area and both shops are doing very well. Over the years, Omolade has become the focal point for all things payments in her neighborhood, she reveals her numbers got better after the COVID-19 induced lockdown, in her own words ‘’people don’t value banks anymore, they patronize agents better now. During the lockdown, People found out there is nothing special going about to bank asides going to make reports/complaints. Everything can be done here in the neighborhood with us agents, People got to see the light of agency banking. ‘’

Agent Omolade

Omolade also reveals she owes her business prowess, acumen and success to God and to her relentless hard work, she maintains that she has to be responsible for herself, ‘’ I can’t just wait for someone to come and give me money, the country is hard we know but the problem is that most people are lazy, they don’t want to work. Most people are desperate, they want to get there in a day and it can’t be done in a day. Everybody knows Rome was not built in a day, success takes time, patience, and hard work, then trust. If people trust you, they will do business with you and even tell others about your business.’’

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Omolade’s dedication to her work has seen her grow her client base extensively and gain numerous testimonials as customers continually troop into her shop to make transactions, as a parting shot, omolade said, ”Keep on trying, it will get better. Customer relations matters most, they will refer if business is good.”

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