One EASY step that has turned Aboki to local Dangote

Service delivery and customer satisfaction are very essential in business. Customers are bound to return, refer brands/businesses that offer excellent service delivery and optimal customer satisfaction to them. Businesses like this grow faster in fame and revenue due to the relations between both parties thereby building and maintaining a concrete agent-customer bond. Sahabi Yahaya has always been cautious of this when transacting with customers, in his bid to grow his customer base he made sure he left a good impression on everyone, almost everyone!

It’s been 11 months since Yahaya joined the agency banking business, business has been good by hood standards but Yahaya wanted more, he knew he could earn more than he was getting from his shop he just couldn’t figure out how. Either way, man must wack Yahaya kept his head high, carrying on his daily duties. The bubbly gentleman stood outside his shop, tracing the shadows of the story buildings as they reflected off vehicles on both sides of the road, he kept on watching as he waited for vehicles to clear so he can make his way off to the mosque for Zhuhr prayers.

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Sahabi Yahaya had always had a knack for business, knowing how and when to engage a customer. Outside the mosque, he walked in on one of his customers ‘asaalim alaiekum mallam’ he greeted, ”how is business my friend, hope all is well “, “all thanks to Allah sahabi, he has been merciful” he responded as he walked by. Sahabi wanted to ask why he didn’t show up the previous weekend when he said he was coming over but decided not to press it. On his way back to the shop, he kept thinking to himself how can he make his services his customer’s first choice. What if they all did their payments with him, everyone on this road? How does he ensure they keep coming back? Sahabi was still deep in thoughts when he got to the shop, he quickly settled in and resumed business for the rest of the day.

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One sunny afternoon, Sahabi friend, Shehu, (who’s also a tingg agent) talked him into joining tingg, urging him to take advantage of an ongoing campaign to maximize earnings on his business, he asked to think about it for a while. Sahabi had been a mobile money agent for over a year now, he was no stranger to the business but he was particularly drawn to the low fixed rate for all transactions tingg offered its agents on the platform, as a sharp guy Sahabi took the initiative to sign up and even call to confirm the authenticity of the deal and voila his tingg journey began. The Sahabi-Tingg merger was a deal made in heaven. Sahabi started selling himself anew to is customers, telling them how he has metamorphosed and how the business has taken a fresher direction. His shop started to wear a new look as he branded up with tingg merchandise, in less than two months Sahabi started to feel like he had won the jackpot. Customers were trooping in in their numbers to do business with the guy whose smooth-talking and assuring demeanor was complemented by an excellent service delivery platform. Customers enjoyed the ease at which Sahabi did transactions, his rates, and tingg’s exceptionality.

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Sahabi’s fortunes have improved since his switch to tingg, In his words, ‘’Tingg is very important for agents because other agencies and banks don’t offer the standard service delivery and stability tingg offers, customers don’t like delays and when a customer is unhappy it affects business but with tingg, its better, faster and even cheaper, tingg is making business boom for all us and that a major reason why I moved to tingg ’’. Tingg’s technological expertise and optimal service delivery complemented Sahabi’s customer service skills as he gradually took over the kumbotso community.

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He even heard customers chipping to each other how they always want to come to his place for business but his history of slow network made them reconsider, now that he has upped his game and become one of the best in the business, they’d rather stick around. Since Operation take over Kumbotso is done, Sahabi sets his sights on expanding his network and opening tingg outlets across neighboring communities, it been just 7 months on this tingg journey but Sahabi is here to stay and still dedicated to customer satisfaction. Stayed ahead of the competition with tingg, think smart, think tingg!

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