Persistency and consistency paves the way for Racheal

Agent Florence

Life as an elementary school teacher is not as rosy as it seems, having to move from attending to kids all day to getting stuck in traffic on the way home and sorting assignments & preparing lesson notes before retiring into the day only to repeat the process the next day. Mrs. Florence was not having the life she envisioned for herself for years. She knew she could not resign her job as it was her only source of income although it was straining, having to wait for months to get her meager salary only made it worse.

Florence has seen and patronized agency bankers at certain times and envied their ability to choose their work hours and versatility to add other trades to their job to boost income. She was impressed and started making out plans on becoming one herself.

Florence eventually started out as an agent five years ago, trying out her hands with numerous agency banking platforms. After years of experimenting which made her gather valuable experience, Florence joined tingg last November. She said ‘’the tingg platform is okay and cheap and as an agent, the cheaper the charges the more profit she can make’’ that influenced her decision to dump other platforms for tingg.

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Florence’s influence has grown over the years, it took her just 4 months to become a super-agent. Registering four sub-agents under her to manage her shops and kiosks around the state. Florence has plans of further extending her business tentacles as she requested for assistance as she aims to onboard five more sub-agents in the next three months. Florence’s tenacity and meekness draw people to her and the B.Sc. holder in Hospitality and Tourism knows a thing or two on how to retain them. Looking back through the years she claims ‘money is on the streets; it depends on how you reason. It is up to you to plug in and make value for yourself. ‘’

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