Temitope reveals how going local can make you global

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Customers are always right. That is one phrase almost everyone has heard at some point in life. You don’t have to be a business owner to relate to this phrase, it is easily thrown around by a lot of customers to get their way with certain margins of profit or favor from sellers/service providers. It takes an emotionally intelligent and smart trader to carefully manage such customers and not lose them.   


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Mrs. Olawale Temitope, CEO of CTEK understands this concept so well and has been able to upturn her numbers even in the face of a global pandemic. Tope as she is fondly called is experiencing a steady rise in income as she blossoms in the network.

Despite boasting three years of trustworthy neighborhood banking experience, Tope switched allegiances to Tingg in October 2019. She made the move due to Tingg’s POS service charge value and superior network delivery.

In her own words ‘The POS charges attracted me, The POS has been fast and reliable. I’m aware that it has been dropped to 0.65% which is even cheaper than before, so I earn more money using Tingg’s POS’’.

Temitope doubles in her shop as a full-time businesswoman, combining agency (neighborhood) banking with sales of mobile phones, laptops and other accessories. The smiling mother of three also harbors intentions to expand her business not just to surrounding environs and communities but beyond as she aims to expand her reach and maximize profit margins.

Asked on how she manages her teeming customers’ expectations and satisfy their numerous transaction needs, Temitope reiterated that people will always patronize you if they trust that you would provide value. Trust for her is the major currency.

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The University of Lagos graduate had some parting shots for Nigerian youths, ‘’There is fortune inwards. There is value to give here, our youths should look inwards. Do not underrate your local environment and say that there is nothing there because it has not worked for you yet. Value can be maximized. You don’t necessarily have to go out, sometimes your locality will do.”

she reiterated that the opportunities inherent in our locality can help youths earn just as much as fortune as they will anywhere in the world even if it will take some time to achieve.

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