How Moses is Finding Meaningful Work with Tingg

Everyone dreams of a job or career that ultimately leads to financial security and stability, although not all eventually get to achieve that. A lot of factors can alter this depending on how you look at it. For Moses, his dreams of being independent and self-sufficient must come to pass whether the government, circumstances of life, or any other body likes it or not, he had always harbored aspirations of making a name as an auditor in a multinational firm.

Moses rose from humble beginnings to become the highest-grossing agent in the southwest region. His story is as motivating as its captivating, as he narrated his journey from the orphanage to be his own boss, Moses never forgot his roots and the name he must protect. To Moses, being successful whilst protecting his name and image is paramount. He has the opportunity that many will wish for and he will not let it go to ruins irrespective of the circumstance, not that he didn’t have the option of doing other dubious things but a diligent man set on achieving great things will never succumb to peer pressure.

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After graduating from lead city University as an accountant, Moses Intended to pursue a career in auditing but could not muster the financial muscle to carry on. His inability to actualize his auditor dreams did not restrict him tom to keep aiming higher, utilizing his Accounting skills, Moses started his journey into agency banking in 2017. After trying out a couple of platforms and finding deficiencies all around, Moses finally discovered Tingg through his friend, Shile. Shile had been a Tingg agent and thought he ought to share these mega benefits he is receiving from Tingg with his friend. Moses was bought in on the NGN6 flat rate for transactions on the Tingg platform and immediately registered to maximize profits too.

Soon after joining the platform, he discovered there is more to Tingg than just a payment app, he has come to enjoy wonderful service delivery, excellent customer service experience, and ease of business transacting on the app. In his own words, ‘’as a business person you go for where you have peace of mind and get gains, the Tingg customer service is good and very active which is good news for agents, the rates are also very accommodating unlike others’’ Moses claimed he had tried other platforms and suffered a tirade of issues ranging from deposits to transfers issues but that doesn’t happen with Tingg.

Moses runs his business on the outskirts of Lagos, on one of the border towns between Lagos and Ogun state. Although business has been challenging lately due to the corona virus-induced lockdown in both states, Moses has not allowed that affect his business as open his shop and kiosk on off days to ensure his customers enjoy quality services in his community.

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Moses may not have achieved his desire of being an auditor, he has achieved his dreams of being financially dependent, it is been 5 months of a jolly ride and experience on Tingg. Moses was planning on expanding his business by acquiring more kiosks before the lockdown as his influence continues to grow across the community for the ease at which he transacts and communicates with his customers. Moses still holds dreams of pursuing and acquiring ICAN to practice as an auditor, indeed nothing can stop your dream if you believe and work towards it.

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  1. This is great news. But how much longer for tingg to become mainstream so more people like Moses can benefit from the program too..

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