Valentine’s Day: A tale of Love and other Shenanigans

dinner date for two

‘’Three hours and this guy is not there; does he want to ruin my business? Why are these dispatch riders like this, how can you tell me you’ll be there for 11 am and I am yet to receive or hear from you by 5:15 pm! This man better has an explanation for all this because I’m not taking the traffic excuse for no reason, how can you be in traffic for over 6 hours? Haba! Na only you Lagos traffic deh wait for? and its okada o…. not a car that can be stucked up in traffic’’ Amaka was raging as she stood helpless, trying to figure out what to do and how to pacify her customer.

She looks into her phone again; the customer has been texting her on WhatsApp and she had run out of excuses to give. If she had a clue on the status of the package, she can at least cover for this bike man that wants to ruin her day and drag her business name in the mud because of N9000.

‘’ordinary N9k o, one dispatch rider wants my customer to call me out on social media as a scam. Eeeih God, let this dispatch man pick my call, I hope he has not disappeared with my money and package like this…. Since morning!!!’’

Her phone rings again, it’s the 6th time in just 4 minutes her customer is calling. Amaka knew what the customer was going to say, but she has no lie left in her. Whilst wondering what to say when she picks up, her phone vibrated yet again, this time its a text from her boyfriend, Dave. ”Hey sunshine, can’t wait to have the best valentine’s day ever with you tonight, pick up by 8? love ya *kisses*”. Dave is such a darling” she thought to herself, always springing up with pleasant surprises when she least expects them.

Tic Tac Toe, Love, Heart, Play

Ding! Another text notification display on her screen, this time it’s not a WhatsApp message, its an SMS from an unsaved number, Amaka clicks on the icon and it’s the customer again. Amaka was tired, beneath her breath she cursed at the delivery guy one more time. Grudgingly she opened to see what words her customer has decided to use on her this time.

’your guy is here; he just delivered the package. You need to change delivery o, the guy is mannerless, I took it from him because of you, people like that will only spoil your business’’

Immediately she felt relieved, finally, the package has been delivered. Amaka replied the text ‘’thanks ma, I am very sorry for how the delivery guy acted, I won’t use them again, I am very sorry for the delay. Thanks for being patient with me’’.

Amaka had planned this day for over a month, she had picked the perfect dress, got the right scents, booked an appointment with her favorite stylist to get her hair, nails, and makeup done before prince charming comes calling tonight. It’s her special day and nothing can go wrong, not even this delivery guy can ruin her date.

Its been four years since the last time Amaka had gone on a proper date, a date she doesn’t want to remember.

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Everyone thought she was going to get married to Tunde, they were the ideal couple. Her friends wanted a model wedding for them.

Tunde was all Amaka ever dreamt of in a man; Dark skinned, 6 ft tall and well-built with that masculine scent that could drive any woman crazy in a single breath. His handsome face just over his broad shoulders, curved lips under his pointed nose and those brown eyes she always fell for.

He was every ladies man, his funny demeanor made him appear childish, yet he acted so maturely. She never thought he would be the reason for her tears, she didn’t see it coming, Tunde cheating on her with her best friend? Amaka bottled her feelings in, stayed single all these years shutting herself out of love and affection, she had learned her lesson and she won’t get her emotions played ever again. If Tunde of all people could hurt her that much, no man is worth her time again, or so she thought.

It’s past 6 already and she is yet to meet up with her stylist, Amaka started wondering how she’ll be all set for her date, pick up is for 8 pm and she is nowhere near ready. She knows Dave is not the regular Lagos guy, if he said he’ll be there to pick her by 8 pm, he’ll definitely be there for 8 pm.

Its one of those little things Dave does that thrill her about him. Somehow, he is just different. So calm and reserved yet very connecting and he has this charm around him and it is this rareness that caught her attention.

“Who knows, Dave maybe my prince charming after all,” she thought to herself. Amaka texts her stylist to cancel her appointment, That delivery guy had finally succeeded in disrupting her plans for the day.

”i will make sure i report that big head, good for nothing rider. just imagine, now i have to start replanning my night” Amaka thought out loud. she decided to wear her best wig and do some light make up, ‘’Dave would never run late, can’t keep him waiting all night long’’ She said to herself as she dashed into the bathroom.

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“This is really delicious,” Amaka remarked, breaking the silence that lingered between them as they ate.

“I thought you might like the place, it’s very special to me” Dave replied amidst stammers. He didn’t know why but he was always very conscious around her. From the very first time he saw her, he knew he wanted her. He was only ever in charge of his dates and relationships but what he felt for Amaka hits so different.

“You look great tonight,” He said staring right into her eyes. He thought he had never seen her so pretty before, heck he had never seen a prettier woman ever. So much beauty, she’s such a natural. no makeup and you still lighten up this restaurant with your beauty, how do you do it, babe?

Her short silver gown was such a fit for her curvy figure and her choice of red lipstick was the icing on the cake. He could kiss those lips all day and won’t get tired.

“Thanks, Dave, you look great yourself.” She replied trying to avoid the gaze she wished she had met up with her stylist, dave would have seen a finer version of her, he would have been wowed!

“Perhaps we can get some more?” She requested trying to hide the uneasiness she felt at that moment. She would have sworn those eyes could see through her.

“Of course, pardon me,” He said and signaled to the waiter, ”can I have another plate of this sumptuous goodness please?” the waiter took the order as they went on discussing.

“So tell me, how’d your day go?” He asked her

‘Well, it was a regular business day plus a little hitch. I wasted hours today trying to pacify a customer and save my business name, the delivery guy almost got me paranoid. Can you believe he delayed the package for almost 5 hours???

I could not do anything all day, I was pleading with the customer the whole time! My customer eventually got the package around 5 and I could not get my hair done today again, it was terrible, I was at least glad the parcel got there at last’

‘I am so sorry you had such a torrid time, I’m glad it didn’t take any shine off you though, your hair is so beautiful, Dave smiled as he tries to console Amaka.

She blushes as she takes a sip of her wine, looking into the cup as she gulped some more. Her face met with his gaze as he talked.

Do you want some more?

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‘I think I’m good Dave thank you’ she replied trying to take her eyes off his gaze again except for this time he caught her chin slowly with his hand and kept the stare. He just wasn’t ready to look away yet, her eyes were so beautiful and he was soulful. She had never felt so transparent in her entire life and she liked the feeling. But she wasn’t just going to let her guards down on a first date.

‘You keep looking at me like that and we’re going to miss the movies’ she said turning away to her glass of wine

‘I wouldn’t want us to miss that’ He smiles and signals to the waiter, ”bills please”

Dave orders a cab as the waiter approaches. The waiter arrives, clears the table and leaves a slip on the table, Dave skipped through the breakdown and hurried to the total section, ₦17,350.

The search for a driver was taking longer than usual, Dave unlocks his phone, scrolls through a tirade of apps and clicks on the Tingg app, He presses his thumbprint on the screen to log into his TINGG wallet.

Signaling at the waiter, he asks ‘this account number is correct abi, hope your banks sends alert on time’

In an instant, Dave makes a payment of ₦18,000 to the bank account.

‘I don see the alert oga, abi na Tingg you use send am? The waiter asked, ”this alert enter fast o” he added.

‘’Yes…, that’s one of many reasons why I use Tingg, Keep the change man’’ Dave responded.

Amaka nudges Dave to look into his screen and confirm the driver is at their location. Dave took one last sip as he watches Amaka pack up as they move to depart the restaurant. Hand in Hand, they walked out gracefully, approaching the driver as they set out to the cinema.

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