Case Study - Government

Nothing makes us more proud than knowing that we have made an impact on Nigerian farmers, improved their livelihood and helped develop and grow the Agricultural sector in Nigeria.

Before our involvement in the Agricultural sector, the Federal Government was only able to disseminated 10% of fertilizer and seeds subsidies to farmers nationwide out of its allocated budget. This was due to inefficiencies, loopholes and the lack of clear visibility of the agricultural subsidy. The effects of these inadequacies were dire to Nigerian farmers as well as the Federal Government.

Cellulant helped to put an end to this with the Agrikore platform. This was tested with the (Growth Enhancement Support Scheme) GESS program where we registered over 12Million Nigerian farmers into the Agrikore e-wallet platform in less than three months. The Agrikore platform was able to draw the farmers closer to the Federal Government and offered clear transparency in the way that farmers redeemed agricultural imputes at what location and farming season.

This program was not only able to help farmers to have an easy access to fertilizers and agro-imputes but it has also helped to connect them to off takers that bought up their farm products, helped them increase their yield, income and improved their living standards.

This program achieved a success rate of 90%, disbursed over 1 billion US dollars of fertilizer and agro-imputes to farmers through the Agrikore e-wallet platform and contributed an additional US$30-40Billion to Nigeria’s GDP.

The Minister of Agriculture was recently interviewed by Julie Gichuru for the African Leadership’ Dialogues and commended Nigeria’s progress in the agricultural sector after having embraced digital means of disseminating fertilizer.

Watch the full interview below