Our Impact

Over 4,013,500 households are impacted every year in Nigeria whenever the Agrikore platform is being deployed.

The implementation of the Agrikore has enabled 2 Governements to efficiently regulate and implement agricultural subvention programs. It has helped empower about 2,500 agro inputs retailers to expand their business and extend their services to about 4,000,000 farmers yearly. The implementation of Agrikore platform has a spinning effects on the community as it also enables job creation. In Nigeria, about 11,000 volunteers are employed every year to guide and train farmers during the redemption process.

Nigeria Key numbers

Farmers benefit every years from subsidy program.


Agro inputs retailers grow their businesses.


Volunteer employed yearly to facilitate implementation.


Micro-finance institutions.

Over $1B

Worth of agro imputes processed yearly

36 States

In Nigeria + FCT