Bolanle sees no limitation as she seize opportunity to take over Iju

The actions a person takes in adverse and difficult times are a major indicator of the character of such an individual. Not many will be willing to put their lives on the line to provide services to others in a dire time. Mrs. Bolanle represents the typical Nigeran, taking positives and making the best of life’s situations. Although Business was not thriving, Bolanle was not going to be deterred from providing neighborhood banking services to her Iju Ishaga community because she knew her services are essential and impactful.

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‘’I didn’t have to shut down during the lockdown, it was not very safe for me but I had to come out and do business, I know a lot of people will depend on agents to get cash and pay bills you know people are at home, they will watch TV with the family and pay for light’’ Bolanle said. She reiterated business wasn’t lucrative then but the need to provide neighborhood banking services to the unbanked kept her up in high spirits. Business is picking up as the lockdown now eases strategically across the state and nation.

Bolanle resumes to her shop at 8 am every day, all geared up and ready to be the ‘banker’. In her words, ‘’Whenever you have an opportunity put every effort in. Do not relent, build interest in it and you can just achieve your aim. When my sister told me about tingg last December, I signed up immediately the same day. When I called, I was talked through the process and in less than 10 mins I am (an agent, neighborhood banker) registered and I could begin transacting, that’s the same month I got my POS.’’

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It’s been a jolly six Months journey, Bolanle has since added the sales of softs drinks to her business and is exploring and expand to other neighboring communities in the next three to six months. Asked on how she manages her customers, she replied saying ‘’I am managing my customers as I manage every other thing, try to make the best of everything, you can’t please everyone, I manage to pull off at least 70% so I think I am doing well.’’ she added.

Bolanle’s catchy demeanor is unmatched. A strong-willed, go-getter, bubbly, energetic, and full of life woman, making the most of opportunity she’s had. Bolanle has grown a reputation in the community as a diligent ‘neighborhood banker’, a reputation she is dedicated to upholding and dignifying at all costs.


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