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The Love that exists between a father and child is quintessential, it’s an eternal bond that can surpass any limitation, challenge, or strife. Many times, this bond is not as visual as the other half, Yet it’s very essential. It’s not just about a family name, its about the values they cherish, the prestige they uphold, and the heritage they protect. Mr. Mustapha cuts a very stoic and uptight look yet he is very approachable and friendly, an encounter with the devout Muslimah will convince you he’s just another soft-hearted man behind that big frame.

Love You Dad by Surbhi Grover | Dad drawing, Tattoos for daughters ...

Mustapha has been a mobile agent in his locality on the outskirts of Lagos, a suburb on the borderline of Lagos and Ogun state for over three years, providing value and financial inclusion for the unreached, unbanked and banked in his community. With his POS terminal, Mustapha is the symbol of financial inclusion in his community, he has dedicated himself to his business just as much as he has his family, Mustapha has raised his family with the agency banking business. ”As the man of the house, I have to take care of my girls (his wife and daughter), they look up to me and I have to own up to my responsibility to cater and raise them upright’’ Mustapha highlighted. Such a father!

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Its been 5 months now since Mustapha registered as a Tingg agent, an on-field agent approached him in his shop and sold the tingg to him. Who wouldn’t want to be on a platform that guarantees value, excellent customer service delivery, and mega-profits? Mustapha was all in by the end of January. Business has boomed for Mustapha since he made the infamous switch to tingg, during the coronavirus lockdown, Mustapha didn’t cower but braced up and made sure the people in his community had access to their funds, made cash transfers and withdrawals, made utility bills payments and more through him. He couldn’t bear to stay home and let many stranded and unfinanced, he got his face mask and hand sanitizer to keep the virus at bay despite been in the full glare of the community. He spoke on his encounter with men of the National Police Force, saying ”One day, I was in my shop attending to customers and the policemen enforcing the lockdown order came over to my shop and when they saw that I am a mobile money agent they told me to keep it up, that I am a lifeline to the masses in these times. According to them, after the health practitioners and food merchants, we (agents) are the most essential workers’’. They went on to say that having people like me in the area providing services like these is very important because people really need them and banks, Retail points, and MNOs’ offices are closed. I was so happy they could see it on my face, I have never seen myself in that light before.

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Mustapha has seen sales soar in his phones and accessories business he attributes it to the Yoruba saying ‘’ona kan o wo oja’’ despite being a household name in his locality, Mustapha is not letting his newfound fame get to him, vowing to take his steps gently with the aim of establishing himself properly in the neighborhood before fanning out and opening up new shops or outlets. Mustapha treats his business like he treats his girls, with so much care, attention, and commitment. Customers never seize to show up at his shop, everyone wants to have an encounter with the fatherly figure who is also a diligent businessman.

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