All you need to know about KYC on your Tingg Account

KYC simply means Know Your Customer. There are 3 levels of KYC depending on the information a Tingg account holder can provide. Upgrading your KYC is easy as clicking the link below.

Sports vs Agriculture: Lessons Agriculture can learn from Sports to encourage youth patronage

Sports is majorly referred to as a global language, a language that cuts across race, age, sex, class, and nationality. […]

Rice Farming in Nigeria and how it can eradicate Crude Oil Dependency

Rice needs no introduction to any Nigerian. It is the most consumed grain and can be referred to as the […]

Neighborhood Banker stirs desire as Fintech Giants aids youths with employment opportunities

Sometimes, I have asked myself why am I doing too much, why so much effort? But I know my efforts will yield results someday, so I just continue pressing on because consistency pays. I am happy the year is coming to an end, It been quite a long year we can all tell but I am very optimistic I will finish strong.

Mobile Banking and how it enables financial Inclusion and creates jobs via its Agent Network

This trend also shows that some of these new models diversify the range, services rendered, and pricing of customer transactions that agents can facilitate, which provides them with extra sources of income.

No POS? No Problem! Check out 3 ways to maximize your profits as a mobile money agent without POS Terminal

To make money as a mobile money agent, the most important tool you need is your Smartphone not a POS terminal, as all transactions can be done via the website, app, and even on WhatsApp.

Empowering the Nation and Solving The Unemployment Problem In Nigeria, One Youth At A Time

Six years ago, Babatunde had just graduated from university. The sheer exuberance and zeal to change the labor market could […]

LIFE @ CELLULANT — Meet Olaniyi Ibraheem

I am passionate about how Customers use great products. For me, it’s not just about designing and building great products that customers love and consistently use. I am very intentional and interested in the customer experience and journey

Chukwunweike shares tips on how to become a successful agent

You are either making moves or constituting a nuisance’’ Ike is a strong believer that the average Nigerian youth can add value to any society. Even in the diaspora, we are hardworking and we’re doing well academically and business-wise

Patrick reveals how your network can change your net worth

In this business, the major thing is the location. Every experienced agency banker knows you won’t get a high turn over if your location is not favorable. You don’t just open kiosks in a close or anyhow area because you want to start business and someone else did. The busier the area, the better for your business.