Utilizing Technology to Transform Africa_Bolaji Akinboro

Bolaji Akinboro

So much has been said and reported of the technology for transformation company that started out as an idea carved on a napkin and initiated with a $3000 bill by two of Africa’s greatest minds. The year was 2002 Bolaji was the business development executive at African Virtual University, Nairobi where he met Ken at a dinner organized for young people in Africa interested in technology. Bolaji caught the eyes and minds of the audience when he cleverly answered a very interesting yet intriguing question ‘’ if you do not have money and you want to build a technology business, how would you go about it? ‘’

Nigerian Entrepreneur, Bolaji Akinboro selected to join ...Ken was part of the audience as Bolaji dished insights on how to apply the many possibilities of technology to transform even without cash, Bolaji went on to say ‘’You just have equated to the sector as an over the top (OTT) operator, i.e. a Value-Added Service (VAS) Company. WhatsApp is an OTT app that seats on a core mobile network infrastructure.’’  Ken Njoroge looked at Bolaji and said we share the same sentiments, how about we meet. A few months later, that meeting happened over a cup of coffee where both conversed on how based on the value-added services company infrastructure, you can build a technology company that connects mobile phone subscribers to bank account holders, consumers of FMCGs and other corporates in the insurance sector. By the time dinner was over, Cellulant was born.

Bolaji Akinboro also spoke extensively on utilizing technology to transform Africa, enabling sustainable value chains across the continent, the effect of COVID-19 for digital payments, the rise of AI and cryptocurrencies in Africa, how Cellulant aims to become the Amazon of Africa, and more on this episode of Invest Africa’s meet the entrepreneur’s podcast series.


Listen to the full podcast below

Invest Africa is a leading pan-African business platform with over 60 years’ experience in promoting trade and investment in Africa. They are a leading membership organization for companies and investors operating on the African continent with an extensive network spanning global corporations, private investors, fund managers, family offices, policymakers, and entrepreneurs. In this ‘meet the entrepreneur’ podcast series they explore Africa’s key economic trends and the issues facing businesses and investors across the continent.

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