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Chukwunweike is the perfect description of the 21st-century Nigerian youth. The Abraka native has faced challenges and his determination and perseverance as seem him surmount all and stand tall despite all he had faced. A few years ago, Ike as is he is fondly called by friends and loved ones were facing a dilemma on what next to do after graduating from the prestigious Delta state university in his home town. Ike had traveled halfway through the south-south region in search of job opportunities and found none appealing to his certificate and status.

Ike was not going to take any job because it was available, he had a goal. He knew his worth and was not going to settle for less. Some say destiny, other quote fate, Ike inquisitiveness and willingness to know more made him approach an aggregator (he didn’t know that when they met) while he was at the bank. He noticed the young man in a branded t-shirt and decided to ask what the brand was about. A short discussion in the banking hall led to them exchanging numbers and the rest is history? not just yet.

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Ike arranged for another meeting with the aggregator and he was sold in on the agency banking idea. Ike’s zeal for more and his hunger to succeed saw him join in on the tingg agency platform and start transacting. Starting from a few transactions on his phone in his first week of operations, Ike now owns four shops (he also added selling of phone accessories to his shops) across delta state with a view of adding two to that number before the turn of the year.

According to ike, ‘’ You are either making moves or constituting a nuisance’’ Ike is a strong believer that the average Nigerian youth can add value to any society. Even in the diaspora, we are hardworking and we’re doing well academically and business-wise Ike added.

Ike is passionate about the Nigerian youth and has sought out to help as many as he can, currently, he employs 5 youths who are learning the agency banking trade under him and he aims to keep adding to that number. To him, if he can do it then anyone else can and he is determined to mentor willing and capable youths in his community to achieve economic & financial stability. In his parting shots, Ike leaves advice to all agency bankers across the nation ‘’ The major thing is wherever you are, build your business. Let your customers leave with the mindset that you are reliable. You will do well to make certain sacrifices to gain the trust and confidence of customers, it’s not always about profit. Just let them know you are reliable. Also, your location matters in this business. Make a statement with your attitude, advertise and once once, make you self deh enjoy because problem no deh finish for this life’’

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Mr Patrick- Tingg Agent

Patrick reveals how your network can change your net worth

In this business, the major thing is the location. Every experienced agency banker knows you won’t get a high turn over if your location is not favorable. You don’t just open kiosks in a close or anyhow area because you want to start business and someone else did. The busier the area, the better for your business.

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