Empowering the Nation and Solving The Unemployment Problem In Nigeria, One Youth At A Time

Six years ago, Babatunde had just graduated from university. The sheer exuberance and zeal to change the labor market could be seen in his eyes. Burning with desire, this youth was ready to take the accounting sector by storm.  Babatunde ticks all the right boxes to succeed in Nigeria, or so he thought. A year down the drain, Babatunde started to understand why qualified graduates could not get jobs. The system is flawed and the opportunities were few and not recurring.

Tingg Agent

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In 2016, statistical reports revealed that approximately 47% of graduates are thrown into the unemployment basket yearly. Another report suggests only 51% of graduates get to practice their course of study after spending years in the university getting certified.

Babatunde started thinking of how to diversify into other businesses. In 2015, He decided to join the Agency Banking Business because in his words, “if you’re in this country you must understand that everybody with his own head o, we can’t keep waiting for job opportunities to come to you.  You have to be innovative and get something doing.”

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”We all know what is happening around the country, there are really no jobs out there for all the unemployed youths. We must find something to do and that’s why youths are now Learning jobs and trades you won’t have thought of years ago. It is important to persevere because it takes a lot of patience and hard work to succeed.” Babatunde added.

He seized the opportunity to use his father’s shop right in front of the house as his business center. He began operations as an agency banker in his Iju community in the Far East of Lagos state.

Tingg Agent

He applied his knowledge of accounting into the business as he built steadily over the next months. Today, he has outgrown his “fathers shop” and aims to open his 4th outlet by the end of the year.  Babatunde has gone from being an unemployed graduate to being an employer of labor. He has employed and trained 4 youths on the Agency Banking Business and has Tingg terminals in all his shops.

Like Babatunde, Hundreds of thousands of willing youths and capable graduates are being granted the opportunity to move from unemployment to becoming their own bosses as Tingg agents. Tingg is dedicated to playing its part in the eradication of unemployment amongst the Nigerian populace.

As of the time of publication, the unemployment rate in Nigeria has risen from 4.3% in 2015 to 27%. This also shows that there’s a pool of capable minds out there to be empowered and given an opportunity to make a living for themselves and their families. One youth at a time, Tingg is connecting willing and capable youths to employment opportunities in the agency banking sector. 

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By 2025, Tingg aims to have empowered and employed 500,000 youths into the agency banking sector as we continue our efforts to ensure unemployment in Nigeria is history.

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