How I met my Soulmate

how i met my soulmate

So, you are here to read my love story, how about I start with a brief introduction. After all, It’s only ideal for you to meet me before knowing my story right? My name is Olabisi Bamidele, I’m 25 years old, 5.9ft, pretty and very intelligent entrepreneur. I take pride in the fact that I get my job done without any hitch and surpassing my customer’s expectations. I like to refer to myself as a very reliable boss lady. I seem to have it all together, you know, the money, the connections, business is thriving, I have great friends and colleagues, I have found love, but it wasn’t always like this. So, as you ride with me, I would show you how it all started and how I got to this highlight in my life and career.

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On a certain Friday night, about four years ago, I stumbled on a group of friends Caleb, Ayo, and Osas. Osas and I had been friends back in my University days, We were course mates and my most fond memory of him was when he was smiling on the podium receiving the award for the best graduating student in Mass communication, beating me by a few points and since we all parted ways after graduation we haven’t crossed each other but on that fateful night, we met. I had gone out that night to let out some steam. My parents were divorced and staying with my mum and my stepdad was becoming very unbearable. I knew it was time to move out of the house, get a life for myself and start chasing big dreams but it is never so easy. I needed a job, anything just anything that would help me raise the money to get independent, I mean how would I cope outside my mother’s roof without a source of income? All these thoughts in my head and it began to feel like my head was going to explode so I left the house to chill out. Osas and the other guys made it a responsibility to give me a memorable night. We danced, partied, got some more drinks and had so much fun in one night.

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I woke up the next morning on Osas’s mega-sized bed, it was so comfy. How did I get here? I muttered to myself wondering how it all went from dancing and saying cheers to being here! I felt numb and quite uncomfortable, it wasn’t very decent of me, but I excused myself with the fact that we were probably both drunk. Osas walked in, his masculine scent filled the room as motioned towards me, smiling with a cup of coffee in one hand, ‘’How was your sleep B, still hungover?’’

‘’I don’t know’’ I replied, smiling back at him as I sipped some coffee hoping it will make me feel better. ‘’I guess I am’’  I finally said as I caught his eyes staring at me the whole time.

Osas was such a gentleman, He asked that I freshened up, made breakfast and sat me down to talk about silly moments we had in school.

‘Oh, do you know that after school I went into real estate? I made a few business deals and struck my gold mine, now I think it’s safe to say I’m a big boy as regards real estate in this country, surely you must have heard of my agency’ He said to me, smiling, grinning, playing like he always uses to. Osas was among the very carefree chaps in school then and clearly life had given him more reasons to be relaxed and carefree. We talked about a lot of things and before you know it, I was paying regular visits to his place and this morning he asked me out.Image result for hand in hand

It was his birthday and he had organized a small yet very fancy dinner for a couple of his friends. I had helped out with some logistics and planning, so as to ensure we all had a wonderful time. The music was soulful, the ambiance was perfect, the food was so good and Osas called everyone’s attention to himself, he stood up, held me up and made what I would later find out to be his infamous speech. ‘Friends I like to thank you all for celebrating with me tonight, I feel really honored having you guys here. Tonight I like to express my deepest affection for this young, beautiful and very intelligent woman, Olabisi Bamidele, who has in no small way stolen my heart and I want to -in front of every one of you- ask her to be my girlfriend’. screams and applauds filled the restaurant, everyone was looking at me and telling me to say yes already, we’re already everywhere and then he turned to me and asked officially ‘Bisi please be my girlfriend’ I blushed so much, I couldn’t even look him straight in the eye but now I had wished I looked him straight in the eye and told him ‘To hell with you’.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months, I did six months with him before he shattered my heart in pieces. The good thing about those Six months, however, is that I was able to raise enough money to start my career as a wedding planner, I mean he was loaded, 500k for upkeep and other unaccounted allowances, it would have been really foolish for me not to save. I dreamt of planning our wedding, you know shopping for my wedding gown, souvenirs, picking the right colors and flowers, chai! Selling Aso Ebi, it would have been epic but little did I know that Osas Bernard was just feeding me fat to be his fifth baby mama. I ended the relationship the moment I found out, it was very heartbreaking for me, the funny thing about this is that he always asks the ladies out on his birthday, crazy right! But that was it, that was how it all ended.

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Picking up the pieces of my broken heart, I delved fully into my career as a wedding planner, I was getting really big at it. I fell in love a couple of times, got my heart broken again and again until I totally realized that love was not met for me maybe I was wrong but at that point, it felt it was my destiny not to find true love. It was sad helping people plan their weddings and love life and not having one myself. It would have even been bearable if that was my only problem. Has your bank ever frustrated you so much that you begin to lose businesses and customers? If you are a typical Nigerian, you would understand. I will never forget Mrs. Bimbo’s daughter’s wedding, see me see wahala o! It seemed I had everything under control, the hall was set, the guests were coming in, Music was everywhere, my decor was top notch and we were all in the merry mood until it was time to serve food. Iya ponpe refused to share food, in fact, she sat down, closed her big coolers and was drinking a big bottle of Pepsi. The problem I had with her was I was yet to pay her her money which was not totally my fault; when we first met I tried to do a transfer to her so she could buy what she needed to prepare her cuisines but we had network issues, she assured me that she would prepare the food with her money while I just give her the money when she comes to the wedding, I agreed to the arrangement and left. On the wedding day, I ran into more expenses than I had planned and I spent every note on me. Now as the reception was starting I went to Iya ponpe to explain things to her and to ask her to give me her details so I transfer the money to her account and again we faced the same network issue, that was how all hell broke loose o, there was no name I was not called, I tried everything within my power to put her under control but it was as though all of my pleas she got more pissed. People were beginning to ask questions and we were beginning to create a scene. That was how I now told her to exercise some patience so I would go withdraw some money from the nearest ATM but still, she was hell-bent on making a scene. It was getting really embarrassing and I was getting very confused. Fortunately, a very friendly young lady who was a niece to the groom walked in on us and helped me pacify Iya Ponpe, after narrating all that happened to her, she scolded me for not utilizing mobile money services to power my payments, asked me to download the Tingg app from the Google play store, fund my Tingg E-Wallet directly from my bank using the USSD format as network problems persisted and pay up to save further embarrassment at my customers wedding.

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I was so relieved, in less than 5 mins all had been sorted, Iya Ponpe had received her credit alert and like magic, she was all smiles. The aggressiveness was all gone in a jiffy, I could not believe it! See what money can do to people.  Iya Ponpe saw my reaction to her mood change and started laughing, this woman that was threatening to ruin the entire wedding, laughing and urging her workers to start serving the guests’ food immediately. That was how I was saved. I immediately made friends with my savior, Tingg and began using the app for all my payments and since I started I have never had to face any wahala or trouble. I pay my bills, buy airtime and data, in fact, my life has never been so easy! I have met with other Tingg users and agents since then, we even hang out from time to time. Things get easy by the day and my career has kept flourishing. You know, it’s funny sometimes how certain people come into our lives and turns it around. Tingg and everyone associated with it has given my life a new turn and I’m so grateful to the lady that introduced me to this easy and seamless online payments platform that doesn’t disappoints or break heats. I have found a Soulmate in Tingg and you can too. 

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