How to earn more money as a Tingg Agent

Tingg Agent

Contrary to popular belief, making money is actually very simple. It is as easy as ABC. Just ask any Tingg Agent. More people are comfortable transacting with neighborhood bankers since the easing of the COVID-19 induced lockdown, patronage for mobile money agents (popularly known as neighborhood/agency bankers) has systematically skyrocketed due to the closure of banks and limitations of ATMs (many ATMs were out of service over the four-month period), most Nigerians decided to give mobile money agents the evidence of doubt and the numbers keep increasing. Some Mobile money agents earn more than 200,000 monthly, approximately 40% shy of the national salary average pegged at 339,000.

Making money as a Tingg agent is quite easy and direct, it’s a numbers game really. You earn for every transaction you perform. Basically, the more transactions you close, the more you earn. To make more money you need to do more transactions, so here’s the question. How can you perform/do more transactions? Here are three easy and practical tips to help you make more money, increase your profits, and grow your business.

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Location – After interviewing tens of successful agents over the last 6 months, one tip keeps coming back. Every successful agent and/or businessman will let you know that the location of your business is a very essential factor in making sales. You don’t take a business to an area because you think you’ll do well there, you take your business to where you’re assured of patronage. While some businesses are better situated in rural areas others are better in a largely urbanized environment.

Picture this scenario, Agent Abel owns a kiosk in a close at a residential area while Agent Bash owns a shop at the heart of Computer Village. Which Agent do you think will attract more customers and make more sales?

The location you’re situated is one of the first questions you must answer right and get perfect before going into the agency banking business.

Environment – After picking a suitable and favorable location to rent a shop or install your kiosk, making sure the environment is neat and permissible is next. Your surroundings reflect your persona (the attributes you possess and/or allow) more than you think or notice. Ensuring your shop/kiosk’s immediate environment is neat, tidy, airy, and smells nice is very essential. Endeavor to make your customers look/feel comfortable and convenient with your environment while you are sorting their payments or attending to other customers in the queue?

Ask yourself, if you are requiring the services of an agent for the first time, is your surroundings convenient enough for you to come back a second time? Remember there are other agents and competitors around, why should any customer do business with you over the others? Tingg Agents are known for their promptness to serve, neatness, sound hygiene, and amiable business environments.

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Customer Service – your business slogan should speak and demonstrate that ‘’customers are always right’’ you could have the finest and neatest surrounding in the chicest location, but your business acumen and manners are totally off. An agent needs to be an easy spoken, patient, and understanding person because you will be encountering diverse individuals and you’re in the business of moving their money. These strangers may not look/act friendly towards you but they require your service, it’s up to you to make them feel welcomed, relaxed, and comfortable in your space. The manner of approach and choice of words should be gentle, subtle, and firm.

Over 80% of agents interviewed revealed that customer interaction and service plays an essential role in the success of any agency banker. Some noted that customers come back to their shops/kiosks because of how they interacted the previous time. Some agents have dedicated customers who will not do business with any other agent if their preferred agent is unavailable simply because of the excellent customer-client interaction between them.

The tips above will set the pace for any want to be successful agent. These tips have been extracted from the interviews of the best transacting agents on the Tingg platform over the past 7 months. These are practical everyday tips that have worked for many, is currently working for more, and will work for you if applied and followed judiciously.

If you want to earn extra income on an already established business or even start a business from scratch, Mobile Money is worth considering as an option to explore.

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9 thoughts on “How to earn more money as a Tingg Agent

  1. Good day,
    Thanks for the insight about how to make money as n agent. I’d like to suggest also that being in the agency banking requires rendering services at affordable rate inline with your competitors or even more affordable with them.
    Other mobile money companies have reviewed and reduced their POS service charges e.g Opay. They currently charge 0.005% which basically will give their agents better output both in profit and services.
    Please, there’s need to review tingg POS charges for optimum services.

  2. How do I become an agent?
    I need requirements and other necessary things to put in place including the startup amount, thanks.

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