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To many, the Nigerian dream is to get a degree, bag a white-collar job, save for a few years to support personal development and family members, get married, and live happily ever after. Pretty dramatic huh? Funny enough, 30% of Nigeria’s population is uneducated. So how do they love the Nigerian dream? Is the Nigerian dream achievable for only the literates and educated?

The morning sun always rises with Frank well sited and ready for business at his Angwa Shaho location in the heart of Abuja, He has warmed his way into the hearts of his neighbors and customers for being a very lively and ever ready to help agent. In the last 7 months, Frank has gone from being a certified nurse/midwife in search of job placement to being one of the biggest and most consistent agency bankers in Nigeria.

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He did not let the national job scarcity issues deter him from living the ‘Nigerian dream’. In his words, ‘‘I always want to be successful irrespective of what I do, who doesn’t ehn. As a Nigerian youth, I’m always on the lookout for opportunities. If I’m not getting a job now, how about I create one for myself and earn from there.’’

Agent Social Card

‘‘What I have noticed is many people think agency banking is a scam, I also thought so months back but I know better now. Anybody with some capital even as low as ₦50,000 can start the agency banking business, it’s better than living a life of crime. Anybody can make it as an Agency Banker, I am a certified Nurse and Midwife, but I am making a career and life off agency banking. I have successfully convinced three guys in my neighborhood to join the agency banking bandwagon and they’re doing good already too. Frank Added.

”It’s a business I will easily recommend to anyone considering you do not need tertiary certifications or be overly literate to navigate this business. All you need is a willing heart, some capital, and tingg. If you don’t have a university degree, you can still make it in life as a agency banker. you just have to be responsible and disciplined, with patience you can grow your income steadily and eventually live the Nigerian dream.”

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