Modupe’s tale of sheer will and determination 

Eight years ago, Modupe had just joined the thousands of Nigerians embracing the Agency Banking movement. Like many others, this was no side hustle move, it was her one-way ticket out of unemployment. Modupe has always been a goal getter, for someone who never had the options of picking from a pool of opportunities growing up, she is one to make the most of any opportunity presented to her. Agency Banking proved to be that opportunity, It was another chance for her to put in her best and achieve something for herself. what’s more? If she cracks this, she will be employed to herself, choosing her own working hours and making money on her terms, employments could not have been better!

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Life has not always been rosy for Modupe, The University of Ibadan alumni had to study hard and work harder on her way up the ladder of life, it’s just how life has always been for her. After seven years in the mobile money market space, Modupe finally made the leap to join Tingg Mid last year.  Her wealth of experience and hard work has seen her make a sudden boom and grow her numbers to become one of the biggest and highest performing agents in the network.

‘’We can’t keep saying our leaders are bad, you need to have a vision, what are you doing for yourself, I don’t want to give excuses, I started with 10k and now I have grown it to something reasonable. In this job, you can start little. I mean with whatever you have. I started with ₦10,000, and I remember always telling myself then that this ₦10,000 will multiply, it depends on your desire. They say ₦2000 can start something, people are just lazy, I started with little, everything is to discipline and determined, if you are not determined in life you can’t do well in life even if you are earning millions, I will pursue this mobile banking and get results’’

Modupe sees value in persistent work, a formula that has worked perfectly for her over the years. She detests the laziness and stands up for moral equity and relevance. We salute Modupe’s principle and perspective to life, her dedication, and doggedness to her work.




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