Neighborhood Banker stirs desire as Fintech Giants aids youths with employment opportunities

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As the year comes to end, it’s almost time again for numerous ‘’compliments of the season’’ greetings, preparation for the vacations, and various environmental changes and upgrades for the yuletide season. For all the excitement about to hit the airways, there’s also a note of sadness as youths and students across the nation endure a 9-month absence from the lecture theatres. It has become imperative for the students/youths to seek other means to learn, gain skills, learn trades, or embark on a business for self-development reasons.

Ademola, having experienced similar circumstances in his final year in the university looks back and recounts how he positioned himself despite the industrial action.

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7 years back, he was one of the millions of students who waited for 5 months due to a similar ASUU strike before writing his final papers. Ademola is a successful agency banker in southwest Nigeria, the Accountancy graduate from Kwara state university is now making his living from agency banking.

‘’Even back then, there were really no many jobs for graduates. few years after graduating most of my mates were still either under-employed or underemployed. As a man, you have to talk to yourself, look around yourself, and key into opportunities to make the most of it for your own benefit.’’ Ademola recounts.

”I joined agency banking 5 years ago, learning the ropes steadily, and grew my network in the following years. Now I have 3 shops in Lagos and hopeful of opening another before the year runs out.  December is here again, it’s a peak period for many agents because people do a lot of cable and power subscription for the holidays, withdrawals, and transfers this period to stock up and all, so it’s actually a good time to join the agency banking troupe and earn something for yourself.

Sitting idle over the months is a major no for me, the fact that strike action is still ongoing should not stop a determined person from going all out to develop themselves in terms of skills acquisition or get a job to keep earning. Staying idle is just a major no for me.”

As renegotiations efforts continue between both parties, Another year is drawing to an end and youths have been advised to wake up to reality, It’s time to find something to do. Pick up interest and start learning jobs/trades you won’t have thought of two years ago. The time to grow employability and soft skills is now, it is very important to persevere even in the face of adversity. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to continue.

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”Sometimes, I have asked myself why am I doing too much, why so much effort? But I know my efforts will yield results someday, so I just continue pressing on because consistency pays. I am happy the year is coming to an end, It been quite a long year we can all tell but I am very optimistic I will finish strong.” Ademola added.

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