Will Agriculture Become the Sector to reduce the unemployment rate in Nigeria?

Youths also constitute about 40% of Nigeria’s labor force and approximately 45% of her 180 Million population. With that noted, it is safe to assume that Youths in Nigeria have the potentials needed to participate effectively in agricultural development.

Yusuf Transforms and Takes charge of his Community, one Youth at a time

We are all humans, Customers are wrong sometimes but as a business owner I have to know how to manage them so they can keep coming back. You know in this business; customers are king and you have to be careful how you manage them and their expectations.

Education as a means to encourage youth inclusion and patronage of Agriculture

Did sport exist before Agriculture? The answer is definitely NO. A justifiable reason for the special knowledge of sports without education is simply because of its consistency coupled with the fun it creates.

Olumide shares how he beat the Pandemic recession and grew his business in Two months.

The lockdown opened people’s eyes to agency banking because the banks are not open and many ATMs were not dispensing cash again, so they had to patronize us and they have noticed now that it is easier to transact with agents.

Persistency and consistency paves the way for Racheal

Life as an elementary school teacher is not as rosy as it seems, having to move from attending to kids […]

5 insights Agriculture must learn from Sports to gain and encourage youth participation and patronage

Agriculture and sports are very interrelated as agriculture plays a huge role in the sports industry and in the activities that go on when many sports are played. Cast your mind back to the last time you were in a stadium or saw a game on TV.

Sports vs Agriculture: Lessons Agriculture can learn from Sports to encourage youth patronage

Sports is majorly referred to as a global language, a language that cuts across race, age, sex, class, and nationality. […]