Yusuf Transforms and Takes charge of his Community, one Youth at a time

Mr. Yusuf is the cynosure of all eyes in his Igando community. The burly young man has come to be known not just for his impeccable business acumen and excellent customer relations but also for his humanitarian attitude and desire to help young people thrive and earn a living.

Despite being a source of inspiration and happiness to many, it didn’t start out so rosy for him. After bagging his diploma in banking and finance from the prestigious LASPOTECH, it took a while for Mr. Yusuf to gain employment. He eventually secured a role in a now-defunct pharmaceutical company, after his exit from the company he knew he doesn’t want to go into the pool of job seekers roaming the streets of Lagos for job placement.

After deep thoughts and research, Mr. Yusuf joined in on the budding agency banking trend in 2014. After years of experimenting with several platforms, Mr. Yusuf pitched his tent with tingg in November 2019 and has never looked back. Over the next seven months, Mr. Yusuf has grown his business base and reach astronomically, opening two new branches and adding three more youths to take his staff count to Nine in the Second Quarter of the year.

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‘’In this business, I have 9 staff. one way or the other they are earning something. I pay 1500 per day but during the lockdown, I paid 2000 daily. if they are happy they will work better with a clear mindset.’’ Mr. Yusuf is a huge believer in the Nigerian youth and her untapped potentials, The employment opportunity He offered to youths in a period when the nation was on lockdown crippling commercial and economic activities was a huge plus for them. In his words ‘‘the way things are going, nobody is lazy. Whoever is lazy is on his own. I believe the govt is also doing their part although it may not seem very visible to many, Afterall If they didn’t approve agency banking, we won’t have this job. Everywhere you go you will see neighborhood bankers. It makes life easy for people. Your profit is okay for you if you know how to manage yourself.’’

What our youths need is an opportunity to prove themselves, to do something with their time and skills. He buttressed. The Presidency and CBN have done well to approve this business opportunity for us. Anyone can do agency banking and I see it happen every day with the people working with me, some have never handled a POS before and now they are very vast with it.  

This willingness to employ youths in the environment has seen Mr. Yusuf warm his way into the hearts of many, gathering more customers in the process. Talking about customer service and relations, Mr. Yusuf counters the narrative that ‘‘customers are always right’’ in his view, ‘’We are all humans, Customers are wrong sometimes but as a business owner I have to know how to manage them so they can keep coming back. You know in this business; customers are king and you have to be careful how you manage them and their expectations.’’

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