An overview of our services

As a high-level technology company with over 70 developers, we create business opportunities for organizations and people by providing them with ways and solutions that address everyday payment challenges across Africa, both in rural and urban area.

We are uniquely qualified to offer e-payment and e-business services to companies and individuals to help you make and collect payment seamlessly, grow your business and get the best return from investments.

Our services include:


The Cellulant payment platform provides an avenue for the disbursement of funds and bulk payments especially to the unbanked and the underbanked. Our agents are spread across the country and are positioned in strategic places to serve these individuals, they are also able to serve them in their environment with a realistic KYC which helps them to identify and keep track of their customers.

Disbursement is currently being rendered to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Borno state in association with Segovia.

Payment and Scheme Management

The Cellulant payment and scheme management features enable financial institutions to provide their clients with mobile financial services such as savings and collateral loans.

Various institutions such as the Bank of Agriculture (BOA), Micro-Finance Banks (MFBs) and Micro-Finance Institutions (MFIs) have been able to use Cellulant’s platform to enhance their customers banking experience. This system has been capitalized on in providing agricultural subsidy to farmers in Nigeria and Liberia connecting them to a digital world, while providing an ecosystem where agricultural and financial stakeholders can easily interconnect and give services to farmers.

Loyalty Services

Customers and consumers respond well to incentives. Cellulant’s platform enables companies to deploy digital marketing campaigns allowing them to reach out to new consumers and engage better with their loyal ones. The technology allows micro-funds to be transferred from one individuals account to another; products to be bought using barcode scanning and vouchers easily redeem all in a single platform. This digital solution also gives companies visibility on the touch points of its consumers and where they get the most transactions and redemptions.

Secure Technology Integration and Payment Infrastructure

We provide secure IT payment solution -across a variety of payment channels including Point of Sale Terminals (POS), ATMs, Cards, Agent network, USSD, SMS and Check out APIs for Ecommerce. We build the infrastructure by which businesses can run. This helps businesses to reduce costs, increase revenues, tighten security, expand product offerings and improve services.

Seamless Payment Suite

Our payment suite; Tingg offers seamless payment solutions to individuals and businesses to enable them make and receive payment while accessing the following channels and services:

  • Payment, collections and monitoring solutions (Tingg Pay and Checkout API)
  • Consumer products (TinggCard)
  • Retail management (TinggPOS)
  • Access to the largest and most connected agency network
  • Value-added services (bill payments, funds transfers, virtual top-up
  • Various payment methods integrated in one single platform